My hips don’t lie

Posted: August 13, 2017 in Uncategorized


Ever since I broke my record with 150,000 steps about 60 days ago, I’ve been having some major hip soreness that refuses to go away. Every attempt I’ve made at walking/exercising/sleeping has created more soreness so I’ve been not in the best state and definitely not losing weight. Thankfully I’ve got an appointment with a hip specialist in 2 days so they can tell me what’s going on. I’m REALLY hoping they’ll tell me to do a few exercises and pop some ibuprofen and stop being a little wuss. Of course I’m just scared of doing anything that’s going to exacerbate the issue so some clarity will help. After Tuesday I’ll have 135 days left to lose about 50 pounds (I’ve put about 10 back on since getting down to 264), so it’s definitely doable, but if the doc says I have to limit walking or being mobile I’ll just have to cut my calories pretty significantly and that will make for a realllllly boring 135 days.

Here’s to hoping I get some good news!

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