It’s getting easier.


Unintended positive consequences of living a healthy lifestyle:

  • Sleep is easier to come by at night
  • Not groggy during the day
  • Not sluggish after eating
  • Motivation is not a problem in the least
  • Waking up before my alarm goes off is common

Unintended negative consequences of living a healthy lifestyle:

  • My adhd is more out of control than it’s been in a while
  • My irritability is higher than ever
  • Existential thoughts of “this is fine for now but is it sustainable forever” creep in all the time
    • Existential thoughts creep in all the time about everything. Anyone else? I get lost down the rabbit hole of my own thoughts when something negative happens, but not dwelling on the negative thing itself. It’s more of a “I can’t believe I got so worked up over a gentleman not understanding we don’t hang gutter in 50mph winds when in reality we are all bags of meat flying through the void of space”
      • But I digress….
Big Brain Existential Energy

I’m down about 26 pounds since 3/15, and I still haven’t exercised so that feels good but bad. I KNOW by now I should be exercising regularly. Instead I’m choosing to fill my time with work. It’s the run up to the busy season and there are so many things to do. Then again, there are ALWAYS things to do even when I was the most caught up I’ve ever been in the history of my life….like when I was 9.

It comes down to making the time.

I’m going to go hit the gym 🙂

  1. Wow, looks like you’re killing it with a healthier lifestyle. Could you share why a healthier lifestyle is exacerbating your ADHD and irritability though? I myself am living pretty differently than I used to a few years back, and thankfully it’s for the better. We live and learn, am I right?

    • What’s UP Stuart. In talking to my therapist we’ve figured out that my brain is most likely freaking out with this new way of doing things. Taking away alcohol and sugary/carb heavy foods all at once maybe isn’t the best way of doing this so that I’m not shocking the system too much, but it’s what I’ve decided to try and the goal is just to keep doing what I’m doing for about 2 months and THEN if things still aren’t better I might look into changing medications or doing something different with my diet. Thanks for the comment, I hope you have a great day!

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