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I see what I did there….

Quick update because COVID has decided to show up at the fambiz and run through about 1/2 of our staff so I’m actually back out in the field doing estimates and so is my DAD. 68 years young and he’s going to show this whippersnapper a thing or two about life in the gutter.

I had alcohol a few times this month and I’m down 42 pounds overall and I’m trying to find that balance of weight loss and still having a good time with my friends and family etc etc etc yadda yadda yadda.

Speaking of that weight loss….it’s been a SHIT SHOW for the contest…I’ve somehow managed to get to the top of the leaderboard and we’ve dropped quite a few people overall. The spreadsheet below shows the 9 people in green that have lost their 2 pounds per week. (a little hard to read, so if you are incredibly curious, here’s the link):

I’ve decided if anyone slips up and doesn’t lose their 2 pounds in 3 weeks I’ll move them from green to yellow. That means they have until the next weigh in to drop 2 pounds from where they currently are. If they do, they move back into green and are still in the contest. If they don’t, they move to red and are scratched from the roster like me in T-ball. (I was terrible at baseball).

Fambiz sponsoring even in the 80’s!

Even with the show of shit that has been the contest overall, we’re STILL losing weight overall as a group. Collectively, we’re down 339.30 pounds, better known as one Year 2000 Laker’s Shaquille O’Neal:

340 pound Shaq loss!

I’m FINALLY going to start using the gym at work. The weight loss is slowing enough that in order to keep up with 3 pounds a week-ish, I’m hiring my good friend and ultimate weight lifter badass extraordinarre Cary Kirk to train me 3-5 days a week.

I have a feeling I’m going to be sore moving forward, but I’m excited to get this part of the plan going!

One other thing as far as big news is concerned….my business partner and I and my general manager Katie are moving forward with bringing Escape Room LaPorte back! We start the build out next week and we’ll also be featuring an ARCADE! Yeah buddy!

I’m being told then Ben-laddin’s Castle gives off terrorist vibes so maybe we workshop the name. All kidding aside, it’s all exciting as hell! It also means I’m selling the escape room in Michigan City to a company out of Illinois (this part is all pending and I might be eating my words here if they decide to pass for some reason….but looking good so far) They want to keep it open and keep running it so that is great news too!

Until next time when I weigh 289.9….keep pushing yourselves out there!