This post is all about Saturday and the Halloween party. It was pretty flippin’ cool. Many people came out…probably about 75 total. I think the cold weather kept people away, and/or people were scared they’d be made famous by appearing on the blog afterwards.

Here was my personal favorite costume:

That would be my best friend Zach dressed up as ME. Albeit a much thinner me. He even padded his chicken legs to accurately depict my calves.

Kudos, sir.

He won a bottle of alcohol for “most original” costume.

We also had prizes for girl dressed in the manliest costume, and man dressed in the womanliest costume, cheapest looking (I wasn’t in the contest or I easily would have won), and best overall.

There weren’t too many women dressed up as dudes, but Erin’s costume was AWESOME and it gave us an excuse to reward her for being awesome:

P.s. her husband Jonah’s Rex Ryan wasn’t too shabby either!

Man dressed as woman winner…

Konowitz’s party was classy if not elegant…

Shit, I just referred to myself in the third person, didn’t I?

Oh well, I’m still hungover.

Cheapest looking costume went to my cousin Mike…however he spent more money (9 dollars) than Erin did on her ‘Elliot’ costume (zero dollars). So he was a good sport and accepted the prize (2.62 cent bottle of vodka, bleh).

Best overall costume went to Mal:

Although, Brad and Phil were looking dashing as MacGruber and Jackie Moon, respectively.

The band rocked out, the cops were called twice on us, both for  noise, both times they left without really doing anything because I live in the county and there is no noise ordinance out here. It’s basically Mad Max-ville and I DO WHAT I WANT.

I went 4 houses down in both directions before the party to apologize to/invite the neighbors to the fiesta. Three of them came, so it was probably someone down the road a bit. Sorry, people down the road a bit. What can I say…

The band was Crosstown Rivals, and they were so good, I was lichrally…not literally…but like British…LICHRALLY (say it out loud…congrats…you can do a British accent) GREAT. Lichrally Great.

So Tim, Joe, and Panos…thank you very much for being that awesome and playing for free and entertaining us all night!

Magnum P.I., Burt Reynolds, and Cheech Marin put on one hell of a show.

The people that were there will tell you they spent their time in one of three places…

1. Listening to the band out by the fire/burn barrel:

pssssst. Callie. The band is the other way….

2. In the garage getting beer/getting out of the wind:

If you look closely, you’ll see those are brand new garage doors

I’m not sure what she’s laughing at, Miller has never said anything that funny.

I like to think Zach is standing like that to show off his “calves”

3. In the port-o-potty:

luckily there’s no way this scared the shit out of him

I was very impressed with the level of detail some of the zombies took it to…

wait, when the F*CK did I get bitten

That’s our bartender and some other girl. How weird is it that they BOTH showed up as zombie lawyers?

So you’ve seen me in a few of these pictures, and many of you ladies are saying, “Wait…what were YOU?”:

Tony, villain killed by John McClane in Die Hard.

Easy costume. Decently Original. Guaranteed no one would show up as it. Total cost 8 dollars. BOOM.

I said “many of you ladies”, because almost every single guy knew what I was. Only one girl knew. Magnum P.I.’s wife. Haley, you have my respect.

So that was the party. It was really great. Thanks to everyone that came, and for those that said you were coming, and then bailed on me. You owe me. I’m like the mafia…I’ll call on you for a “favor” someday.

Special shout outs to Chris for providing the fog liquid, Adam for tending the fire, Joe, Tim, and Panos once again for the tasty jams  to groove to, my parents for helping set up, Zach and Erica for bringing the water, Nick for bartending, and Zach once again for dressing up as me. I’ve known for years that you wanted to be me…now I see you’re serious. Creepy!

As you might be able to tell, I didn’t really give a crappola about my diet this weekend. Here’s to hoping I can get back on it this week. Civic Rec League Basketball starts next week, and we’ll start dying down at work when it starts snowing, so these things will help.

The next ridiculous thing I have planned is the Bears game in two Sundays I’ll be going to with Zach (tickets I won at the benefit), There is absolutely no way it comes close to last year’s game I attended as far as ridiculousness, but I know we’ll try hard.

Last year my cousin and I went to a game and started drinking at 9am at a bar, the car (with the tickets inside) got towed, had to cab it to the impound lot, snag tickets, get to the game, get wasted with Canadians, party with Canadians all night, meet backup QB from the Bears, play beer pong against him, win, get in fight with some dude, meet Cuban immigrant that got here by hijacking an airplane, pass out in hotel, cab it next day to impound lot to get car, drive home.

I swear to everything I hold dear, if it’s 1/2 as fun this year, I may stroke out and die.