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My friend Christine says that she only reads the first line of the blog because that’s what you can see on Facebook even if you don’t click it. Hi Christine, you jerk.

Christine isn’t really a jerk. She actually donated money to help me reach my goal of raising 500 dollars for the LaPorte Animal Shelter. So far Ryan Panos, Luke Starkey, and Christine have donated money. I’ve raised 50 bucks. Or 1/10th my goal, and I never even asked for money. SO. I’m asking for money now. BUT. Things have changed. I’m no longer raising money for the animal shelter. Somebody beat me to it.


They probably heard about me raising money and wanted to chip in. It’s cool.

So Ryan, Luke, Christine. If you want your money back I’ll kindly refund it, OR you could just let it me donate it somewhere else. I know what I’m doing I swear. I’m donating the money to the State Street Food pantry here in town. They do good work and I trust my friend Nate Loucks will do good things with the money we get together. They need help feeding hungry people. 100% of the money will go to that end. Let’s do it. If you want to make a donation, just tell me. We’ll figure out how to actually get money from you to me.

Speaking of good ole LaPorte…

There is a fireworks convention going on this week at the county fairgrounds and it is AWESOME. If you live in the northwest Indiana/southwest Michigan area, you should totally come check it out. It’s bigger than the 4th of July fireworks. The schedule of events can be found HERE.

People in LaPorte are always complaining that no one does anything to give the economy a jolt, no one does anything to bring money or jobs or hookers to LaPorte. (Full disclosure, I complained about the no hookers) So finally, we get this awesome convention to come to our small town. They then distribute a list of more than 100 LOCAL businesses where the conventioneers can spend their money. Then I log into my Facebook and I see a ridiculous amount of people updating their statuses with things like “The fireworks are too loud” and so on. So I made this:

That’s the LaPorte County courthouse if you are reading this and you aren’t from the area. These people that are complaining are probably the same ones saying, “We need the rain, it’s so dry!” *THUNDERSTORM* “That thunderstorm was terrible, I couldn’t leave the house it was so bad.”

Bottom line, people will always bitch about what someone else is doing because they are mainly too stupid or lazy to come up with any plan of action on their own.

Or maybe I put all that up there to hide the fact that me likey the boom boom in the sky place what has was happening.

Either way, welcome fireworks! One really cool thing is that if you are driving anywhere near the fairgrounds you can pull over and watch the fireworks from your car. I did that tonight driving to my parents’ house.

Pretty sweet stuff.

Before moving on to the August challenge things…I start my new position at work tomorrow. Full time estimator + 1/2 of my responsibilities carry over from the office work I was doing before. I’m not going to let it stress me out though. It’s all about having a plan right? So I made a plan. I bought my groceries for the week, I laid out what I’m wearing tomorrow, I cleaned up the house, I went into work on Saturday for a few hours to get as caught up as I could so I’m starting fresh tomorrow.

Ok, on to the update for the two things I’m trying to do for the month of August. I made two videos displaying my slow progression. 15 minutes a day really isn’t that much. It’s still something, though.

Here’s the juggling update: (before you say anything…I do know my right hand and left hand apart…the movie flips them when I record and I don’t know how to make it look like it doesn’t do that)

And here’s the trumpet update…although I really do think I have to take the instrument into the music shop if none of you band geeks talented musicians know what is wrong with the third valve on my horn:

So there’s that.

I’m also stuck at 254 pounds. Been there for 2 days. I don’t know if I’m totally being accurate with my calories in/calories out counting. To be fair to myself, I know that I’ve eaten out more than I normally should, because it’s easy when you are out and about and not playing basketball at lunch anymore. No matter, I’ve purchased healthy foods this week and by next Sunday I’ll be down to 250. I’m taking a picture of the scale to prove it. I’m going to start doing that. Taking a picture of the scale on my check in days so that I’m keeping better tabs. I’m also going to be using myfitnesspal religiously, I forgot all about that. It’s getting harder to keep everything in check, but making lists really does help.

I also will be cooking myself a vegan meal tomorrow night so stay tuned for that. It’s probably going to be pretty funny.

I’m also going to put on my Nike Fuel thing tomorrow after work to see how that whole thing works.

Big week.

Really big week.

I think whatever it is that you are thinking needs to be done this week, you can do it. I think you have it in you. In fact, I know you do.

Good luck. Go get em, champ.