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Let’s cut to the chase. I lost! Both weight, and money. I paid Jimmy Pressel 500 dollars because he never missed the 2 pounds per weigh in. He says he’s going to buy a kayak with the money. Look at this hadsome sonofabitch:

Then we have Jonah and Mo who “technically” missed their weigh in goals one time, so I’m still donating 500.00 to charity in both of their names. Big Comedy LaPorte and Giant Paw Prints Rescue are getting those monies:

I finally updated the sheet and I realized that Garrett also only missed his weigh in ONE time and he crushed it the rest of the time…so what’s good for the goose….is good for the Garrett. I’ll be letting him pick a charity for a donation as well. That’s awesome!

Other people in the challenge that missed a few numbers here and there but stuck with it and weighed in every time and still lost weight overall:

Not pictured mainly because I’m a dummy and forgot: Ben Blohm and Susan Swarner! Great job you guys.

And last…and definitely least:

The powerlifting has made it challenging to lose weight while still getting stronger…but man oh man do I feel GOOD. I just hit overhead press of 3 sets of 5 at 135. 3 sets of 5 on Bench at 210, Squat at 255, and Deadlift 275 for 1 set of 5…every single workout we go up 5 pounds so I’m REALLY hoping to keep that going for at least another month…which means if I take a look back at this post on September 5th I better be benching 3 sets of 5 for 250 pounds because that’s clearly the most important thing here.

But yeah…now I’m the guy putting videos of me lifting weights online, so the old gypsy woman’s curse has come true:

But hey, overall we lost 246.2 pounds, better known as one 1974 competition ready Arnold Schwarzenegger:

The link to the final weigh in sheet if you are curious.

Lastly, we’re not done. I’m taking a small vacation and then we’re going at it again starting August 11th!!

So I’m goin to end up putting on a couple pounds here over the next week I’m sure…but I’d like to start out the new session at 310 so hopefully I don’t go too off the rails here….time will tell!