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My life currently

I’ve been doing powerlifting workouts with my trainer/friend/coach/overall amazing person Cary Kirk ( for about 6 weeks now and I’m 298 pounds after being 342 down to 300 up to 304 back down to 298…getting enough to eat, protein wise, while still trying to lose weight has been hard but I’ve also had enough booze to drown an army of squirrels in June so let’s just say the weight lifting is going well and the weight loss is stagnant. The good news (for me anyway) is that there is literally one person in this competition that consistently, week after week, weigh in after weigh in, has always lost at least 2 pounds and continues to fucking crush it, and therefore currently the only person I owe 500 bucks to if the contest stopped today. He’s not the most extroverted person in the world so I’m not going to name names but…HAHAHA could you imagine? No, it’s my cousin and great friend Jimmy Pressel!

He’s gonna love being front and center here

Now, we have about 4 weeks left, and although I have allowed everyone else to lose less than two pounds and still stay in the compeition as long as they lost at least 2 pounds the next time, Jimmy is the man to beat. I won’t be paying him 500 bones because yours truly is gonna dial it up and get it done. Sorry buddy, second place is still really great 😉

Just gotta adjust the dial here…

I’m eating about 180 grams of protein a day these days which is great for building muscle…and Cary has me on an incrediby slow progression of weights so that every weight training session I’m adding 5-10 pounds to my sets.


Squat = 3 sets of 5, 220 pounds

Overhead Press = 3 sets of 5, 110 pounds

Bench Press = 3 sets of 5, 170 pounds

Deadlift = 1 set of 5, 220 pounds

I like it because every week it feels like when I get into the sets, I can always do 1-3 more reps of each exercise so there’s progression and I don’t feel like I’m killing myself to get that last one up. Much like Batman, the Bane of my existence is my lower back…get it? Cuz Bane broke Bruce Wayne’s back? and like, my back has been problematic as far as pain because I’ve got a big ole gut…and…you know what, nevermind.

As a group, there are people that are still hanging in there and have gotten back in after missing their goal but then storming back and crushing it the next week. There are 7 of you lovely bastards and collectively these 7 people have lost 146 pounds, better known as one:

For the first time we had a couple of front runners not hit their weigh in goals but it’s the first time that’s happened ALL challenge so while they’re not in the money, I still think they have a great shot at finishing this thing out and giving me a run for my money….well a run for my “satisfaction of crushing their souls”, anyway. I’m still planning on being down another 10 pounds by the end of this thing which would take 1st either way,

Here’s the link to the sheet if you want to do a deep dive like a weirdo:

Weight loss progress

I’ll be back in a few weeks with the last weigh in before this thing ends!!!

Make it a great day everyone!