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Yesterday I got a text from my friend asking me if I’d like to go to Bdubs and then play cards. My first thought was, “better tell him no so I can avoid eating restaurant food and drinking beer.”

It made me realize that I’ve slowly turned myself into a hermit. Clearly I could go and sit and drink water and not eat. I would MUCH prefer sitting home and reading than doing that, though. So that’s really what I’ve been doing this month, avoiding social situations that would tempt me.


June was different because the weather was nice and people were out and about and I had much more social interaction. ┬áDecember has been me pretty much on my own. Without texting in my life I think I’ve talked on the phone a handful of times, but really, texting is how plans are made these days. It’s inescapable.

The whole point of these shenanigans (besides finding funny pictures on the internet) is for me to be better than I was yesterday, everyday, in some way. I think it worked in some ways and didn’t work in others.

I don’t know if you’ve met me or not, but I’m kind of a social person. I enjoy the talky talky with the peoples. That’s something that I’ve definitely missed this month.

I missed quite a few opportunities to hang with people because stuff was posted on Facebook. You don’t realize how ingrained technology is in your life and social network.

Back to last night. I went to bdubs. I had beer. I ate 6 boneless wings. I played cards, and I had more fun than I’ve had all month. I still got up today and played basketball for a few hours even though I CLEARLY was dogging it hardcore. Beer and wings do not make great fuel for working out. Obviously.

I’ve taken from this month the lessons that I want to bring with me into 2013. I’m planning on continuing to lift weights. I’m going to continue to read. I’m going to exercise much more than I have been in previous months. The big one, I’m going to cook for myself a LOT more than I eat out, and when I eat out, I’m not going to pig out. I’m actually still teaching myself a song and learning to juggle. If I make that happen I’ll post it.

I’m ending this before the 30 days are up, but I honestly think it’s better this way. Last time when I reached my goal, I WENT ALL OUT BENDER STYLE. This time, I’m taking it easy on the going all out. I had some Gatorade today, and it was DELICIOUS. I had few pieces of pizza for lunch/dinner, not a whole pizza.

I’m only going to watch like 20 minutes of porn instead of calling off work for 4 days. #moderation

Thanks for hanging out with me for the past month, I hope it gave you a few laughs and more importantly, a little motivation to make some small changes for the better.

My new years resolution is to not have any resolutions. Only to live healthy, enjoy things in moderation, and laugh.

I hope 2013 is full of adventure, laughs, success, and appreciation for you all.