After a weekend of fun it’s definitely time to hit the ‘on’ switch for the next 90 days or however many days I have left. (I should probably keep better track of that)  I weighed in and I’m down 3 pounds from the start. I’m really going to be watching it this week due to my idiot brain deciding to jump in and do the triathlon on Saturday. I should probably learn to swim a stroke other than the dog paddle.

Speaking of a weekend of fun, I saw many people having many laughs at the wedding I attended Saturday due to this:

That would be a Patron fountain. It was pretty sweet. They also had a bad ass fountain out in the lake:

It was a beautiful wedding and blah blah blah I SWAM OUT TO THE FOUNTAIN AND TOUCHED IT! It was pretty awesome, I’m not gonna lie. 2am swims are things that fun people do when boring people are too busy doing boring things. I felt like I needed to start training for the triathlon, and there’s no time like the present, right?

One quick digression about the wedding. I prepped for the wedding like I was in 7th grade. My mom told me to change the shirt I was originally going to wear, she helped me style my hair, and she drove me to the wedding. I totally made her park a block away so I could walk in looking cool.

It’s not my fault! I don’t have a girlfriend/wife/sister/maid/hooker/concubine that could help me with those things. Funny story…in Alabama the girlfriend/wife/sister/maid/hooker/concubine is usually all the same person. Really though, I was going to wear a pink shirt, I’ve never had hair this long before, and I was running a little late to the ceremony. All of the things she helped me with have good explanations, but I’m still a momma’s boy. I get it. Anywhoozle, the wedding was great.

The only thing I didn’t like about the wedding was the bartender. He was a dick.

Jussssst kidding Ryan, you were great. Thanks for letting me behind the bar to mix a couple drinks with you (I actually am a licensed bartender so we weren’t even breaking any laws, damn).

So I saw this picture online this afternoon, and it made me think of my pending triathlon:

I have a feeling I’ll be rocking lane 2 alllll day Saturday at the race.

Actually I have 2 goals much like I had at the mud run. First, don’t get hurt. Second, finish in 2 hours or less. That’s a pretty lofty goal considering the following points of interest regarding my experience doing athletic races:

  1. The mudrun was my first athletic race, ever.
  2. I’ve never ridden a bike for more than 4 or 5 miles at a time.
  3. I’ve never swam continuously for a 1/4 mile.
  4. I’ve never done a 5K run other than the mudrun…which wasn’t really a 5K run.

So combining all of the things that I’ve never done and then putting a timed goal on it is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever thought to do.

Don’t worry, pictures will be taken.

August is upon us humans, and therefore it’s monthly resolution time. I’ll be posting mine tomorrow. Do you have one? Do you want to do it this month? Give something up? Add something? Do something different? Challenge yourself? You should probably give it a shot…

You know those people on Facebook that post statuses like “I’m bored” or “There’s nothing to do here”? I call bullshit. There’s plenty to do, you are just being a boring person. Shake things up a little bit, I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and do something a little scary.

Or don’t.

It’s your life, I’m just some dude that’s trying new things…feel free to do whatever the hell you want 🙂


  1. Were you quoting the Hodge Twins at the end?

  2. Nicole says:

    Ben I feel your pain. I agreed to run the Pat Tilman run (4.2 miles in sweltering AZ heat…) after not having “run” or really jogged for that matter, since college. Good idea Gallagher. I had 4 weeks to train and made it up to 4.2 miles on the treadmill before the race… Lets just say all those nice people at the finish line were entertained when I started barfing my brains out about 5 feet after the finish line. Thoroughly embarassing. Although I did get a high five or two – not sure if it was for the barfing…(along with some pointing and laughing). I would also add: 3) don’t get caught barfing in front of 5-10,000 people, to your list. But that’s just me! GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  3. Niki Frank says:

    Wait. Are you doing the tri THIS saturday? Hardest thing I’ve ever done. Hands down. My advice? Don’t start in the middle of the swim. Either start completely dead last or towards the front – you will get swam over/under/grabbed/clawed/pulled under. It’s brutal. Yay! Good luck!

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