August 28th

Posted: August 28, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, exercise, Inspiration, Motivation, Will Power

Robin, here is your video. Sorry it took so friggin long!

This video was supposed to be followed up with a 14 minute long video of my stupid face doing pretty much all of the impressions that I can do. Scooby Doo to Aaron Neville, and everyone in between. I thought it would be a nice way to kill some time since I had nothing else to talk about tonight. That being said, the video was taking like 58 minutes to upload from iMovie, because now that I’m an amazing video editor…that’s what happens.

Sorry. The impression video will come tomorrow night.

I do want to take this brief moment to point out that I’m actually giving myself a pass as far as the other things I was supposed to do this month. Before I started taking money for videos I was on a pretty decent path as far as getting some of the bucket list things crossed off and blah blah this is not important.

I’m so glad that my brain decided raising money for the girls was a better idea. I’ve had so much fun doing these videos, and I know you have enjoyed them, thanks to everyone that paid or wrote me publicly and/or privately to express their appreciation. It means a ton to my mom. (It get’s her off my back about settling down and giving her grandkids, so I thank you as well)

At the end of the day, it’s all about perspective. I’ve gained so much more while trying to raise money for these girls. I’ve gained perspective, purpose, and maybe even a little swag. Just kidding, swag is for p*ssies.

Everything I was doing before I started to raise money for the girls isn’t a lost cause. I’m going to pick back up and start fresh in September. September is going to be a beast of a bitch of a month, and I’m going to murder it, cut it’s head off, and wear it like a hat.


Easy there killer.

What I mean is, I’m glad I was able to help out a family in need. I’m glad that I’ve been able to step up at the fambiz as well.

September is going to be a clean slate.

I want you to join me.

If you had goals that you just didn’t get to, or things you wanted to try but just couldn’t seem to make the time…I’m giving you the rest of this week. Sunday is September 2nd. That’s my start day. Make it yours. Get after your goals. Make yourself accountable. Get to work. You’ll be happy you did.

I’m going to post again tomorrow night, and then take off until Sunday when I post my goals for the month.

Ryan Panos quit smoking this month, I raised dollars for two wonderful little girls, Erin quit stalking Facebook everyday all day, Kelly put her phone in her trunk while driving, and others did random awesome things too, my brain is just too fried to think about what they were…

What did you do this month? Better yet, do you want to be more awesome than you currently are? September 2nd, 2012…what’s your resolution for September? I’m requesting public participation for this next month. You have a few days to think about it. Submit your resolutions to me however you can…comment, email, Facebook, call me, text, carrier pidgeon, smoke signals, sign language, morse code, pony express, tell me in person….

Then I’ll post what people are up to for the month and you’ll be proud of yourself Oct. 1st when you actually accomplished what you set out to do.

I haven’t heard from you in years? I don’t give a shit. Tell me. You’ve never commented before? I don’t give a shit. Tell me. You are shy? I know how hard that must be….I still don’t give a shit. Tell me. Let’s do this.

September is coming. Be AWESOME.

  1. September 2nd is my birthday. I am going to be busy that day eating birthday cake and making strangers hug me. I will figure out some resolutions on the 3rd.

    • You get a pass. Everyone else does not! Unless it’s also your birthday on the 2nd. Or 3rd. Or you have some stuff to do this weekend. Or you have to work. Or you have jury duty. Or you just don’t feel like it. Point being…start whenever you can! πŸ™‚

  2. Robin says:

    Thank you Benji! Your song was spot on! I can’t wait for my care package and I hope you learned your lesson never to bet me when it comes to sports.

  3. rmpanos says:

    Good stuff Ben as per usual!!!

  4. Janille says:

    πŸ™‚ keep on rockin Ben!

  5. tlruminski says:

    My goal for September is to be more engaged! When I’m on a work call, no multitasking and focus on being a better listener. No cell phones at the dinner table, etc…

  6. cilek says:

    I am very proud of your commitment, Ben. I promise to let up on the “grandchildren” thing for a while. Maybe I should bug Alex about that instead. No, wait. Those grandchildren would be 2000 miles away. So the ball is back in your court, sorry.

  7. I also enjoyed your invisible microphone

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