From then until November 20th

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So I’m hiatusing (new word) from my blog until after Thanksgiving. Well, technically I’m not because I’m writing this.

Whatever indeed, Bam.

I’d like to apologize to all of the mothers that get up at 2-4am and are forced to put up with not having my blog to read. That’s my bad. It’s really been nice though.

I’ve kinda just been living. Here’s the quick and dirty: November 4th to like 10th…2 a days at the gym, felt great. THEN THE BEARS GAME HAPPENED.


one more time…a little more this…the reaction when you see this picture:


That Bears game ruined my liver, my brain, and most of the feeling in my face. Many reasons exist for this.

Here’s my short version:

1. Tailgate for 7 hours.

2. Drink 30 + drinks in 12 hours (that’s legitimate, and a little sad that I have that ability? superpower? drinking problem?)

3. Be awesome

So the funny stories that I have from the game are definitely only funny as “you had to be there” So that’s bullshit for you. Because you weren’t there.

I hate when people tell me those stories.

So anyway, there we were, at the Bears’ game. 50 yard line, 7th row from the field. (I won the tickets in a raffle)

My view:

Thankfully, the camera guy was really never in our way (this shot was pregame). But yeah, they were amazing seats.

I thought about running onto the field, but then I thought about someone making fun of my tummy on the internet. I decided against it.

So we drank at the tailgate forever, went to the game, had a great time, left the game, went back to the hotel, a guy bought me a drink and then tried to make me pay for it, changed clothes, went out to dinner and more drinks, went back to the hotel, and passed out.

What’s that? You want to hear more about the guy that bought me the shot? Ok, but first, to prepare you….here’s what the hell my hair looks like these days because I’m honest to goodness following through with the Locks Of Love thing. (everytime I think about how annoying it is, I think about how annoying it must be to be a kid with cancer, AND THAT MAKES IT REALLY F*CKING HARD TO  GIVE IN)

Anyway…here’s what I look like…I’m open to judgement concerning how THOR-LIKE I look…but not much else:

Ok so now that we’ve scared all of the children away, here’s my story about the Bears’ game:


Things I’m thankful for….on a personal level. I’m sure “air to breathe and the earth to live on” are quite popular…but this is more about what IIIIIII think about…

Before being very serious I’d like to be dead serious.


I love them.

Ok, besides boobs…

#1. My lot in life.

#2. My personal sense of humor.

#3. My perspective on life.

#4. Bacon.

#5. Bacon again.

#6. Movies.

#7 My family.

#8. Bacon (it’s really good)

#9. Blogging for you people

I’ve had so much fun doing this for the past 6 months…I’ll probably keep doing it for a little while longer.

See you after Turkeyday!

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