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So this is in place of the flyer that we are currently coloring in with crayon:




WHY: CHARITY! (more specifically, The Salvation Army Backpack program)


Here’s the skinny:

I’ve rented the Little Theatre in LaPorte for a comedy show. My good buddy Brad Oman is going to be Emceeing the event, and I’ve got a professional comic, Jake Wells out of South Bend, IN doing a guest spot, then I’ll take the stage for about 20 minutes or so and tell my awesome jokes that will be the best jokes you’ve ever heard and you’ll probably pee a little, and then Stewart Huff takes the stage to headline the event.

This is a 21 and up show. The money IS going to charity BUT….this is NOT A FUNDRAISER. There will be no 50/50 drawing…there will be no silent auction…instead, you are going to pay 10 dollars for a ticket to a comedy show, and you are going to buy beer that is at the comedy show, and then I’m going to turn over all of the money that is made to the charity. That’s it! So don’t worry about being pressured into spending a lot of money, like I said, tickets are 10 bucks and you are going to laugh very hard (with or at me is up to you).

By now you are totally sold on the idea are you are all like…



It’s general seating at the Little Theatre and there are 200 tickets available for the event. I will be selling them directly in person and I will be setting up a way to get me the money online in the next couple days so you can pay me and then pick the tickets up at will-call on the night of the event.

If you are reading this and know me outside of this blog, you know how much fun this is going to be so I’m personally counting on you to make this night erupt into an orgasm of hilarity a big success.

OK THAT’S ALL THE INFO ON THE COMEDY SHOW for now…I’m sure I’ll add more/change things later.

On the front…I’ve clearly taken a rather large break from all things willpower related.

Reasons for this include: There is no reason.

EXUSES for this include: A much heavier schedule at work, taking up comedy in the evenings, spending more time combing my hair, other stupid things.

I’ve decided since I put “ presents: A Night of Comedy” on the tickets for this event…that I should probably attempt a willpower month up to the event. So I will be taking suggestions all the way up to August 20th on what to give up/begin doing this time around. If you need a refresher on what this stuff is all about just go to almost any other page on this blog and it’ll tell you what’s up.

I’ll be going from August 21st to September 21st and it’s all to promote the comedy show and get healthier…or something.

  1. mommyest09 says:

    As the man on the lawn mower said we will definitely be there.

  2. diannec1945 says:

    You could give up combing your hair for the month…. that should free up some time….

  3. James says:

    Ben, I want to reserve 2 tickets please…August 21st is my birthday (32 ahem….) and I will have you start your 30 day challenge by celebrating my Birthday.

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