December 14th

Posted: December 14, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, Diet, exercise, Inspiration, Motivation, weight loss, Will Power

I almost broke down and went to grab a 12 pack tonight. I had a nice long day and did a bunch of good stuff and I really felt like a beer or 11. I really came close to saying “dude, you earned it tonight…go cray cray.”

I did not go cray cray as a reward. I’m instead going to bed. I’ll thank myself in the morning on the way to the gym. Speaking of the gym…

I went swimming this morning before work! Then played noon hoops at lunch! Then went to the gym after work to get on the treadmill and do the leg workout!

My legs feel a little jellyish already.

I’m probably not going to like tomorrow.

On the squat rack I did 5 with the bar, 5 with 135, 5 with 190, and 5 with 195. I’m going to keep increasing the second to last set by 5 pounds and the last set by another 5.  If I do that, in 3 weeks I’ll be at 275 five times. If that holds true I should be doing one rep at 300 pounds by the end of the willpower month. We shall see, I’m kind of excited to see.

Since I started squatting, I started lifting upper body on the opposite days, so Cary, thanks, you single handedly got me back into weightlifting.

Every morning I wake up and my alarm on my phone tells me to be thankful for something. I forgot to post what those were the past few days!

Today I’m thankful for Larry the dog. He gives me someone to come home to and hang out with, he’s really a great dog for me because he just lays around a lot. He doesn’t try to jump all over people or eat my stuff, he just chills out and takes it super easy. I love him.

Giving up my phone is a catch 22. It allows me to get more done, but limits what I do socially because obviously everyone just texts plans these days. I just don’t want to be that idiot that’s out with friends but still texting other people and ignoring what’s going on where I am:


What a douche. But I’m sure someone texted him to get him to come out that night….ARG stupid catch 22.

You know who’s the opposite of a douche? The Cary and Erin! They sent me a free Starbucks drink with instructions to purchase a decaf drink in January on them! AWESOME. Made my day for sure.

I encourage you to go out and make someone’s day. It’s good for the soul, and if you believe in Santa…it’s probably time to get going on that whole “make up for being a dick all year”…


Another reason I love Larry is that he’s been sleeping for about an hour on my bed and I’ve been playing music. The second a Journey song came on he woke up. I think he digs Journey.

I also realized I just got excited that I made a fact up about my dog.



RAOK today was work related, I convinced a contractor to reroute some downspouts blah blah blah and it shaved 191 dollars off his bill and made the project look better than what he had originally planned. I could have just done what he wanted and we would have made more money and he would have been happy with the job, but I just doesn’t feel right when you know you can do it for less money and make it look better.

I know that my normal conditions for a RAOK are “something that I wouldn’t normally do”. This one doesn’t really fit that criteria because I would have done it anyway, but between all the visits to the gym today and work and blogging and needed to hit the bed, I really ran out of time to go way out of my way to do something truly RAOKish.

Tomorrow is a new day. 🙂

These are all movies that have come out on DVD  that I would have watched again or for the first time if this was a normal month:

Ted, The Dark Knight Rises, Killer Joe, The Bourne Legacy, and Lawless.

That’s ten plus solid hours in front of the TV doing nothing. I think I’m going to require a treadmill in my living room to watch movies and be active at the same time. Then I wouldn’t feel guilty about watching a ton of movies. Six-pack-by-cinema!

I totally forgot my Nike Fuel thingy at home today. I know I would have been close to 5000 points on that darn thing if I remembered to wear it today!

Tomorrow is a new day. 🙂

Did anyone else just have Deja Vu?

Speaking of Deja Vu…maybe on the 5th of January I’ll go to the strip club and order a bunch of shots of booze and Bacon. I’ll eat the Bacon while texting and swearing, and then bite my nails. I’ll wash them down with a Monster while I watch the TV.

Sounds like good times, who’s in?

  • I will keep a blog of my activities everyday. Success
  • I will go for a jog of at least one mile or a swim, every morning. missed 2
  • I will drink only water. Success
  • I will only eat things that myself or my friends/family have prepared. Success
  • I will not eat BACON. Success
  • I will exercise twice a day BESIDES THE JOG (30 minutes at least) Success
  • I will not ingest caffeine. Success
  • I will abstain from sex/self-love/prostitutes/your mom Success
  • I will perform one random act of kindness every day. Success
  • I will wake up at 5am everyday. missed 2
  • I will not watch any form of television/film (tv/movies/netflix) The only exception being one viewing of “A Christmas Story” while I stay the night at my parents’ house, and one movie in the theatre on Christmas with my family because that’s tradition and screw you this is my thing. Successfullish – SNL has been added as a nice reward for being awesome
  • I will not log into Facebook after Dec 4th. Success
  • I will complete one project around the house per week. 2/4
  • I will give thanks for something in my life every morning and record it on the blog every night. Forgot to blog few days
  • I will read one book every week. Book one: Minority Report
  • I will not bite my fingernails. I’ve caught myself a few times, but definitely Success 
  • I will not use my cell phone after Dec. 4th. Success
  • I will not visit any websites other than wordpress, email,,  and google images to give me funny pictures for my blog. (Also Travel websites are allowed for #22) Success
  • I will do whatever I need to do to squat 250 pounds. Success
  • I will spend the necessary time playing the trumpet to learn one entire song. Pending
  • I will spend the necessary time juggling 4 bean bags to learn to juggle four bean bags. Pending
  • I will finalize my plans to go to Florida in 2013. Pending
  • I won’t say a swear word, not one. Day 1: approx 12, Day 2: approx 5, Day 3: approx 2, Day 4: approx 2, Day 5: approx 6, Day 6: 2 exactly Day 7: approx 4, Day 8: I think zero. Day 9: back up to like 4. Day 10 approx 5 or 6. Day 11 approx 4.
  1. Dude, I’m excited about you squatting like a boss! Keep up the great work!

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